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PostSubject: [FORUMR]Rules(Updated)   [FORUMR]Rules(Updated) I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 11, 2009 11:41 am


The following things are not allowed:

* Using any kinds of third party applications to modify your game isn't allowed

* (Ab)using any kinds of known or unknown bugs.
* If you find any bugs report them.

* Do not kill anyone without a proper RP reason. You are not allowed to go around and killing people for fun.
* Don't take random situations as reasons to kill someone. If someone has robbed your car or crashed into your car call the police instead of killing him

* Metagaming is using OOC information IC.
* The best example of metagaming is calling someone by his name cause you can see it above his head. If you've never met this person before you can't know his name ICly.

* Powergaming is forcing of roleplay without letting other players react to it.
* Example: An officer is cuffing you RPly and you do something like "/me breaks out the cuffs"
* We got special commands to avoid powergaming. The correct way would be: "/attempt to break out of his cuffs" This way the people who are RPing with you have a chance to react to it.

Revenge killing
* Revenge killiing is (trying to) kill the person who has killed you before.
* Example: You get killed by person A at the beach. After you've spawned you're driving back to the beach to kill person A
* You are loosing your memory when you are dying. ICly you can't know who has killed you. And even if someone would tell you you are not allowed to kill him cause you died!


* You should always act like IRL.
* You are not Rambo. If someone points a gun to your head you should try to take out your gun or trying to run away.

* Do not spam the chat, commands or anything else

* Drive-by is killing someone by shooting out of a vehicle
* You are only allowed to drive-by as passenger. Never drive-by if you're the driver.

* Bunnyhopping is pressing "jump" all the time to move faster
* It is non-RP so don't do it.

Using foreign languages ICly
* We want you to speak english only ICly
* You can RP to speak another language for example that way: "[Italian] Helo. How are you?"
* Try to talk english OOCly too. Prefer to use /w or /sms if you want to use another language

* Respect all players/admins as you want to get respected too

* Don't use caps anytime. If you want to shout something ICly use /s

Insulting OOCly
* OOC insult won't be tolerated in any way.

Vehicle surfing
* You are only allowed to surf on vehicles RP wise. Examples:
* Allowed: surfing on a truck bed (for example on pick ups etc.)
* Allowed: max 1. person standing on the roof of a limo RPing DB out of the sunroof
* Not allowed: RPing to be in the trunk

Healing during a fight
* You are not allowed to heal while you're in a fight
* You are allowed to heal after you've successfully escaped from the situation for 10 minutes

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