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 Some suggestions! Number four!

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Little Clucker
Little Clucker

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PostSubject: Some suggestions! Number four!   Sun Dec 13, 2009 2:25 pm

/flist - Should be able for everyone to see.

/fon - Shows the members of the faction you are in, if they are online or offline.

/carpark - Parks the car at the place you want it. And it will respawn there. Will cost 1,500 dollars.

/cartow ID - If no admins are online, you are able to respawn your car by yourself, by losing some money, for example 1,000 dollars.

/carlock - Instead of /lock, because /lock can unlock/lock others car that aren't even owned by you.

/s(shout) - Instead of /shout it will be /s instead.

OOC group - Should be possible to buy a OOC group for around 50k and be possible to invite others to. Using /g to talk. The owner could do /ginvite ID or /guninvite ID.

/carsell ID - Gets 25 percents of the car's money you bought it with and will be possible to rent or buy.
(Cars should have taxes to make it more realistic)

/carunimpound - /carimpound - If you're car has gotten impounded by the government or anyone else, like the LSPD. You have to get to the destination for example... Willowfield impound and do /carunimpound ID. To get the car back and it will respawn behind you. LSPD or the government should use /carimpound with a towtruck or something.

I hope those will get accepted, it's very cool commands.
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Some suggestions! Number four!
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