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 LSPD Arrest HandBook

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PostSubject: LSPD Arrest HandBook   LSPD Arrest HandBook I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 4:27 am

LSPD Arrest Handbook

Los Santos Police Department Arrest Handbook

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Approaching Crimes
3. Making the arrest
4. Processing and Booking


This guide explains, in detail, how a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) uses his gear properly and correctly to make an arrest. Following this guide will ensure that you are doing your job correctly.

Alright, so you think your so bad-ass with that Beretta 92F, those shiny silver cuffs and that blue tazer? Well do YOU even know how to use them PROPERLY to make an arrest? Well I have went ahead and put together a guide in depth for your sorry ass to teach you how to make a proper arrest, LSPD style so go ahead and continue to read maggot.

Approaching the scene of a crime in progress.

So you roll up to grove street in your Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor and you spot this poor gang-banger holding a gun to a old lady's head and robbing her. The first thing you do is activate your federal Q2B sirens on-top of that cruiser. The standard button for this is holding down 'H'.

Hop out of your vehicle and quickly reach for your side-arm. Your side-arm is your friend, it can save lives and it can also take them. Reach for your side-arm by typing something like /me quickly unholsters his Beretta 92F from his utility belt.


Aim your weapon at the suspect, preferably his head or his heart then shout at him '/s LSPD - FREEZE [/handsup]' or '/s LSPD - DROP YOUR WEAPON, WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED' and wait. DO NOT FIRE. Give this sorry ass nigger some time to either turn the gun on you or drop his weapon. If he surrenders, go in for the arrest, if he turns his gun on you, you are allowed to fire per ROE. See if someone pulls a gun on you, you fear for your life an that's enough for self defense.

Making the arrest

So this gang banger has put his hands up, dropped his weapon and is now waiting for you to slam the cuffs on him. Walk up slowly behind him while looking around for threats. Grab the cuffs of your belt, '/me pulls a set of cuffs of his utility belt' and begin to cuff him. Pull back his left arm '/me grabs the man's left arm and cuffs it' then his right '/me grabs the man's right arm and cuffs it' and finish cuffing him [/cuff PLAYER ID]

So now you have the suspect in cuffs. Now you read him his rights, ' You are under arrest for attempting to rob a old lady at gun point. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you during processing. You do not have the right to an attorney as a officer witnessed your crimes. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?'.

After reading him his rights, give him a quick pat down '/me pats the man down' '/frisk PLAYERID' to make sure he's not carrying anything that could be used as a weapon inside the police cruiser. After the quick pat down, drag his sorry ass to the waiting Ford Crown Vic '/me drags the suspect by his cuffs'. Open the back door of the cruiser and toss him in, '/me opens the back door of the cruisers', '/me tosses the suspect in, taking care to smack the guys head on the roof' '/me closes the back door' [/detain PLAYERID, SEATID]

Once he's in your cruiser, go ahead and climb in the drivers seat. He cannot attack you as there is a Safety Screen between the seats. Turn off your sirens/lights and drive back to the LSPD lockup located in Pershing Square.

Finishing the arrest

Because nobody role-plays arrests at fucking all, you got to do it from your police cruiser which is unrealistic. Once in the LSPD Garage and by the arrest star, frisk him again and see what he has. Any weapons, drugs means charges and more jail time for him. Find his ID '/me searches the man for ID' and read it. Open the MDC '/me opens the MDC and loads it up' '/me types in his password' '/me opens the criminal database' and lay charges [/su PLAYERID]

For this case, the charges would be:

'/su PLAYERID Amed robbery'
'/su PLAYERID Illegal use of a loaded-firearm'
'/su PLAYERID unlawful confinement

Basically just arrest afterwards.

/arrest <time (minutes)> <price> <bail (0/1)> <bail price>
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LSPD Arrest HandBook
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