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 Cadet Handbook

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PostSubject: Cadet Handbook   Cadet Handbook I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 4:37 am

Cadet Handbook

Los Santos Police Department Cadet Handbook

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Promotions
3. Privileges

Hello there. You are currently reading the Cadet Handbook. This guide will help you through your first days in the LSPD, or maybe you're a SWAT Officer wanting to know what the hell cadets are good for. Anyways, this will help you in your police-work and not fail like, well, whoever you don't want to fail like.

Your first days in the LSPD WILL have screw-ups. It's inevitable. Even if you don't fail, you'll fail eventually in your policing career. It's just a key to reduce those screw-ups. Like no one cares if you misspell firerms. But everyone will care if you rushtaze the fuck out of everyone at point. The important thing is to realize what you've done wrong, and how to fix it. Like if you're English isn't 100%, maybe try reading a book or two. If you don't know how to arrest someone properly, maybe get someone else to show you. Either way, this is a learning period for you. Any major screw-ups, and you're most likely kicked.

So, you want a promotion? Don't tell me. Or the chief either, that would fail even harder. If you go telling everyone that you want a promotion, it might take even longer. It took myself 4 weeks to get to officer, but it doesn't matter. Maybe the reason you ain't getting promoted is because you in a different timezone than the chief. Then in your own timezone, try to patrol with your Sgt.+ more, because the reason they're that rank is because they're determined to have a high policing skill level, and are constantly in contact with the chief. Maybe that high rank will recommend you.

There are a few very basic skills you will probably need for this promotion. You should have reasonable spelling and grammar, soz don tlk liek dis. u hr? You should know how to complete a routine pull-over with consistency and know what you're going to do at every ticketing session. Every Officer+ will know how to do one, so if you don't know, ask! You should also know basic server rules, like metagaming/powergaming is bad, no rushtazing, etc. You should also know the basic force matrix. What the fuck is that? It's if they're doing something to you, use a reasonable force in return. Don't shoot if they're running. Don't use your mace if they're shooting. Don't use an M4 if they have a silenced pistol. Stuff like that.

Also, you should be a positive person and team worker. No one likes working with a grouch or a general dickhead. Try to be friendly, maybe even try to help newer cadets. Maybe even answer correctly a couple of questions during a training session. Really, a promotion to officer is just a sign of recognition. You could be like an LS-RP cop, super rp, but you act like a total idiot, so obviously you ain't getting promoted. Just try to learn your stuff, then show your stuff to your higher ranking officers.[/B]

Ah, so what you can do as cadet? Jack shit. I'm kidding, of course. Cadets like I said, promotion to officer is a sign of recognition of your skill. But while you're a cadet, you haven't been recognized, you won't have the same privileges an officer does.

For one, you're not allowed an M4 on regular duty. Most of the time, in SWAT sits, you're allowed to take an M4, but be sure to ask the commanding officer first. If he/she allows you, be sure to drop the weapons after. Basically, in the armory, everything above M4 is allowed. Rifle you ask? Well, you're technically not allowed to use it, but it's so shitty I don't think anyone would care that much. Basically, -MP5 are allowed, M4+ aren't unless given permission.

In SWAT situations, you might not be the SWAT Officers raiding the place. You might be assigned to guard the perimeter, the edge of the area. You'll be tasked with making sure the roadblocks aren't broken. You'll be asked to wave along by-standers. If a threat comes along, you're to eliminate them, and if necessary, call for back-up from inside.

Finally, you are not allowed to take the LVPD cars, SWAT vehicles, and motorbikes and not allowed to patrol alone. Reason? LVPD cars are for Sgt.+. SWAT vehicles are for SWAT, and a higher rank should be driving them. Motorbikes? Well, they're for the officers to use.
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Cadet Handbook
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