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 Overview of LSPD

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Ashley Carey
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PostSubject: Overview of LSPD   Overview of LSPD I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 4:47 am


Written by Ashley Carey

A Quick Overview
Permission may only be given by a Captain. Sergeant may only allow Weapons and lead SWAT situations when necessary.

Cadet As a Cadet you may not patrol alone. You may only Patrol with another Cadet if there is nobody else available. If there is two Officers+ together, split them up. They get a Cadet each.
Officer As an Officer you are now able to Patrol alone, but only with Permission. If a Cadet needs a Patrol Partner then take one.
SWAT As a SWAT Officer you now have access to the SWAT Armoury. Only get things from there when a SWAT situation is occurring and you have Permission from a SWAT Leader or Higher Rank.
Sergeant As a Sergeant you may Patrol alone and hold training sessions. You may recommend people for promotions and do ridealongs (or assign people to them). You also reassign units.
Captain You're in charge of every lower rank. You watch how Sergeants work and correct people on mistakes. You're in this position because you know what you are doing and therefore you can help people.
Chief You're in charge of the PD, whether you are As. Chief or Chief. What you say goes unless it conflicts with another Chiefs orders (in which case the Main Chief must give the order).

If anybody recieves 2 warnings for the same thing they may be Fired or given a large Infraction.
If anybody recieves 3 warnings for the same thing they will be Fired.

The Rules
• Materials, Crack, and Pot are not allowed

• No Cadets may enter the Cells

• Nobody may release from Prison (DeMorgan)

• Nobody may release from Jail without Permission

• Nobody may take SAHP vehicles, they may not take ours

• Do not help Civilians enter the Garage without Permission

• Only SWAT with Permission may take Mr Splashy, SWAT Trucks or Enforcer

• Do not ask for licenses when the suspect has their hands up or is cuffed. Ask if they have ID on them (ICly or OOCly) and frisk them to get it if they do.

• Do not force a suspects fingerprints onto a "Scanner". If they won't give you ID you may deport them to San Fierro.

• Do not Rushtaze (Taze while suspect is shooting)

• Read a suspect their Miranda Rights, or all Charges may be dropped (If they have an SS to prove it you must refund them).

• Indecent Exposure
Deliberate exposure by a person of a portion or portions of his or her own body under circumstances where such an exposure is likely to be seen as contrary to the local commonly accepted standards of decency.

• Reckless Endangerment
The offense of recklessly engaging in conduct that creates a substantial risk of serious physical injury or death to another person.

• Evading
An attempt to flee from a Law Enforcement Officer in an attempt to elude*1 them.

• Eluding
The suspect has successfully escaped from the police. May be charged multiple times if the Law Enforcement Officer has their name or manages to catch up with them later.

• Rush taze
The Law Enforcement Officer has tazed a suspect while they were shooting. Includes if you taze from the back

You are now at the end of the tutorials.
You can now apply to become a police officer.

Thanks to Ashley for the guides.
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Overview of LSPD
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