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 San Andreas Emeregency Service - Los Santos Medical Division - Paramedic (First Aid) Guide

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PostSubject: San Andreas Emeregency Service - Los Santos Medical Division - Paramedic (First Aid) Guide   Thu Dec 17, 2009 1:27 pm

Hello, Paramedic!

This guide was written to assist you doing the best you can, to stabilize the health of the casuality before you bring them to the hospital / clinic.
The guide is un-complete and will be edited time-by-time, so stay updated!

When there is an incoming 911 call, you may want to prepare yourself. You must be ready for everything, from a couple of scratches to brains that are splitted on the asphalt. Take yourself in your hands, and concentrate. Dont panic, dont let stress get you.

Take an ambulance with a permission of a doctor in charge, and drive to the scene.
When you see the casuality, make sure they arent in a shock condition. Its easy, just let them know that you know what you are doing, and that everything is under control. Let them know that they will be cured and continue living.
First, you may want to see if the casuality is awake. If he isnt, check his pulse and breathing - If they are too low or none of them, proceed to CPR. If the pulse doesnt come back, proceed to Electro-shock. If the breathing doesnt come back to normal after CPR, close the casualities nose with your fingers, and blow into their mouth. Repeat this step twice!
If their chest doesnt raise and fall, something is blocking the airways - Push your two fingers softly into the groin of the casuality, in an attempt to clear the airways.
After you got those details fine, you may want to start taking care of their wounds (if any). Ask the casuality where does it hurt, so it will be easier for you to find the wounds. If the casuality cant answer (Knocked Out), look for them on your own.
Then, after you deal with the wounds - Put the casuality on a stretcher, and the stretcher in the ambulance. Drive to the hospital, and tell the condition of the casuality in the radio. If required, ask to prepare the surgery room and the surgeons.
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San Andreas Emeregency Service - Los Santos Medical Division - Paramedic (First Aid) Guide
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