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 San Andreas Emeregency Service - Los Santos Medical Division - Crew Rules

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PostSubject: San Andreas Emeregency Service - Los Santos Medical Division - Crew Rules   Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:55 pm

Hello, employee!

I want to inform you that our faction has some rules that you must obey. They are:

Everyone below rank 4 must have a parthner when responding to a 911 call.
Everyone infact of ranks 5 and 6 must ask permission if they want to use the ambulance / chopper if it isnt because of a 911 call.
Everyone who is bored waiting for 911 calls can always do some paperwork, or play some dice with the other employees.
Everyone shall show respect and professionalism to the casualities.
Everyone shall drive safely, to avoid any criminal record.
Everyone shall take a shower every morning.
Everyone shall wash their hands very often.
Everyone must wear gloves.
Noone shall use the helicopter, unless permitted from a rank 5 or 6.
Noone shall allow people using weed (or other drugs) without a proper medical purpuse.
Noone shall have a criminal record.
Noone shall evade from police.
Noone shall touch the casuality's property without their permission.
Only ranks 5 and 6 can accept applications.
Only ranks 5 and 6 can order employees what to do.
During surgeries, rank 4 has a right to order lower ranks what to do.
Before dangerous and difficult surgeries, the casuality must be asked to sign a contract.
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San Andreas Emeregency Service - Los Santos Medical Division - Crew Rules
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