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 Rules Of Applying.

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Rules Of Applying. Empty
PostSubject: Rules Of Applying.   Rules Of Applying. I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 19, 2009 11:34 am

Hello If You Want To Join Our Admin Team Please Read This Rules:

1. Do not abuse commands
2. Respect yourself, players, admins
3. Always RP.
4. When you get a report don't just do /acceptreport. if someone said he will take it then he will take it okay?
5. Ifyoureadtherulespleasesaythis: ireadtherulessoacceptme
6 if you see someone abusing. /kick him/her then if he/she does it again do /prison
7. if you see someone hacking. /kick him/her then if he/she dose it again do /prison
8. Do not abuse any bug or anything
9. Always always help a player no meeter what
10. DO NOT EVER BUT EVER USE SMILES ON APPLICATIONS!! your application will be automatically denied
11. We Don't want to see any "u" "lol" "wtf" "xd" your application will be automatically denied
12. We don't want to see any spam by you.
13. Do not "ad" your forums like someone did i wont say his name.
14. If someone asked you if they want to team up with their community say maybe I need to ask propilot ( mark weston )
15. Please don't use any hacks we do not allow that.
16 you must be speaking on Vent. We don't mind if you use any fake voice software.
17. You, may want to play more then 8 hours in the server
18. Make sure that your active and happy with the server
19. We will check logs everyday of what you did some you don't have to worry about us but you still should report if any admin abused.
20. Enjoy and have fun.
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Rules Of Applying.
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