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 San Andreas Emeregency Service - Los Santos Medical Division - Nasty Situation Guide

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San Andreas Emeregency Service - Los Santos Medical Division - Nasty Situation Guide Empty
PostSubject: San Andreas Emeregency Service - Los Santos Medical Division - Nasty Situation Guide   San Andreas Emeregency Service - Los Santos Medical Division - Nasty Situation Guide I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 16, 2009 10:26 pm

Hello, Medic!

This guide is un-complete, and it will be edited time-by-time with easier interface, and more information.
This guide will help you do the correct things in nasty situations. Note: Only nasty situations are described, simple checks arent mentioned!

First Aid (Paramedic):
- How to Stop Bleeding -

If you are in a situation where the casuality has a wound, you may want to first take the blood off it. Take a clean piece of cotton, and clear the blood off the wound with it's assistance.
Next, you may want to sterilize the wound so no infection will happen. Take some iodine, and pour it on the wound. If you dont have Iodine, water can do the trick too, but it isnt recommended.
After you have done the above steps, you may want to stop the bleeding. You do that by putting pressure on the bleeding area. You can either do it with your hands (If the wound is small), either put a bandage on the wound.
- How to Deal with a Heart Attack -

If you come to the scene, and the casuality expirianced a heart attack, you may want to get him to hospital as soon as possible. But before then, you must make sure that his health wont get worse on your way there.
Firstly, lay the casuality on their back, and make sure they arent moving too much. Lift the casuality's legs above the heart - You can do this by simply placing their legs on a pillow or a stone, Or constructing a little crane out of stuff that are in your posesion.
Check the casuality's pulse, do anything it takes to make sure it's stable. Note: DONT apply electro-shock.
Make sure the casuality is breathing, and make sure he is calm. Put them on a stretcher (Keep the legs lifted!) and drive them to the hospital.
- How to deal with a broken spine chord -

If you think the casuality has a broken spine chord, DONT move him even a canti-meter! Take a special stretcher with a stabilizating cover, and slide it under the casuality. Position the casuality so the stabilizating cover fits their back, and then close the belts that are on the cover. Continue first aid, and then put the casuality in the ambulance, and drive them to hospital. [ Note: ANY small or big movement is dangerous. ]
- The casuality is knocked out / uncouncious, what to do? -

Its simple. Lift his legs above their heart, and tilt their head back so the airways will be clear. Continue first aid, and bring the casuality to hospital.
Surgery (Surgeon / Doctor):
- How to Take a bullet out of a wound -

If you have a casuality lying on the surgery desk, and he was shot by a firearm, you may want to take the bullet out.
To do this, you must first reveal the wound. Take the bandage off, and check if the wound is bleeding. If it isnt, then proceed to the next steps. If it is bleeding, stop the bleeding.
You may want to make the casuality sleep, so they wont feel the surgery. There are two ways to do this: The first one, is an injection of morphine into the vein of the casuality. The second way is to connect the casuality to sleeping-gas with a mask. [ Note: Even if the casuality is un-councious, you MUST do this step. ]
After the casuality is a-sleep, you may want to prepare the tools and put them in a place that is near to you.
You need:
Medical Scissors
Stitching Kit
And a Sterile Needle.
After you got everything set, its time to begin the surgery.
First, take the medical scissors and try to pull the bullet out carefuly. If it works, put the bullet in a plastic bag and give it to the Police for investigation. Then, proceed to the stitching.
If you fail, you will have to pour some blood... Take the scalpel, make a cut to make the wound bigger, take the medical scissors and repeat the previous step.
After you are done, you will have to stitch the wound so it wont remain there. Take the needle, and the stitching kit.
Apply the kit with the needle, and stitch the wound carefuly. Make sure the stitches arent to close to each-other, but not too far. Make sure that the stitches arent too tight on the flesh, but not too loose.
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San Andreas Emeregency Service - Los Santos Medical Division - Nasty Situation Guide
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